About Us



Express your individuality and your ethics

We believe that your fashion choices empower you to express your own unique sense of style and uphold your values. Quality clothing lasts lifetimes, reducing costs and minimizing waste. Find great, well travelled pieces that have stood the test of time, and wear your heart on your sleeve. We are passionate about sustainability and are slow fashion advocates. 


Buy less, love it more

Vintage clothing holds it’s value. With craftsmanship and detailing not found in mass-production, and with the care and attention we provide through cleaning, repairing, and re-styling, they’re ready for a new lease on life. We believe in curating your closet and looking after the items that you have, finding classic pieces for your wardrobe and learning how to style them for multiple occasions.

Vintage items have value beyond their years and we are happy to be a part of the journey that connects great people with great clothes. 




  • Are you a consignment store?

No, we do not consign items in our store. 


  • I have vintage items I would like to sell, how can I contact you?

Please send us photos of your items, grouped together in images via email to antiquaire.boutique@gmail.com. We will review your photos and get back to you about viewing and purchasing. 


  • How often do you get new items in?

We list new items online daily. You can subscribe to our mailing list for updates and sales! 

  • What is your return policy? 

We currently do not except any returns or exchanges.